Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2014

Dear Dolly

Thank you and all the staff for being so wonderful and caring. Ryan and Jessica have made special friends both with children and staff, who always seem to have the time and encouraging words.

It is nice to know that we are leaving the children in a warm and caring environment, and they are so happy.

I can’t find enough words to thank you all!

Wayne and Sonia


Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2014


Hi Dollie

Please find below contribution for the website:

My son Zak started at Little Rascals when he just turned 2 as has been with Little Rascals now for the last 3 months.  In saying he has only been with them for 3 months I cannot believe the amazing development he has shown and how well he has adapted.  Of course I was nervous the first day I dropped him off and went to fetch him around noon but on the second day the teacher let me know that he was eating well and even sleeping there. From that day on it was all systems go and he is so incredibly happy there.  Teachers Sam and Ashli made Zak, my husband and I feel so comfortable and every day I am at work I have this absolute sense of assurance that he is in incredibly good hands.  I am also so amazed of what they manage to teach the little ones, i.e. the art that comes home every week, the school concert was amazing, my son’s improvement in vocabulary, social skills that was learnt, etc.

I can definitely without any doubts recommend Little Rascals to all parents as it is a safe, happy and fun environment for kids.

Thank you very much Teachers Sam and Ashli and all the staff at Little Rascals for all you mean to us!

Kind regards,

Marthie Zwarts



Date: Tue, Nov 18, 2014

To whom it may concern.

My son Tristan joined Little Rascals in September this year and what a huge difference it has made in his life. Before joining Tristan could barely utter two words properly.

Little Rascals took him in and gave him the confidence and attention he needed to grow. He has   become such a happy little boy and comes home with new stuff his learnt at crèche every day. He now speaks clearly and can do so many things I never knew he was capable of at only three years old!

The teachers are professional, loving and caring. I couldn’t have chosen a better learning environment for him.  I’m so lucky that Little rascals was able to accommodate him.

Little Rascals meets all my tick boxes in terms of what I’m looking for in a crèche:

  • The children and staff are always happy: The staff genuinely seem to enjoy caring for children at little rascals. The teachers are also qualified.
  • There is stimulating environment. I’ve seen see lots of verbal and physical interaction between kids and their teachers. There are also age appropriate toys that are in good shape, as well as books. Little Rascals also offers extra mural activities in addition to the daily activates done in classrooms.
  • The front gate is always locked: Children are not left freely to roam about and only authorized visitors are allowed to collect kids.

Little Rascals makes every effort to ensure that Tristan is a priority. In fact all children at the crèche are treated in that manner and that is one of the things that makes Little Rascals so unique. Parents always receive communication and regular updates about what is happening at the crèche. As a working parent I appreciate that Little Rascals takes the time to ensure Tristan does not miss out on anything and has a firm foundation on which to build.

Little Rascals is the best crèche by leaps and bounds and way ahead any other crèche.

Happy Parent

Nicole Heynes

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